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Lectures: Jewish Life in Poland

Jewish Life in Poland - 12th - 20th Century

A series of talks by Dr. Francois Guesnet

Dr François Guesnet
Sidney and Elizabeth Corob Reader in Modern Jewish History
Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies
University College London
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9th February 2014 - Re-emergence of Poland as a sovereign state

The vibrancy of Jewish life in turbulent times.

Contents and reading list

Short film (YouTube, with English voice): A Day in Warsaw (Poland/USA, 1939; prod. Yitshak Goskind) 


21st October 2012 - 12th - 17th Century

Emergence of the autonomous Jewish Community and Golden Age.

Contents and reading list


18th November 2012 - 18th 19th Century

Internal diversification and political change: the rise of Hasidut and the partitions of Poland.

Contents and reading list

Religious movements activity: then and today


13th January 2013 - 19th - 20th Century

Jews in Eastern Europe and the challenges of modernity: Napoleon, emancipation and nationalism.

Thanks, contents and reading list

Map of Eastern Europe - Russian Empire - 1914

F. Guesnet article: "The Turkish Cavalry in Wardzedz" 


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