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Resistance in the Holocaust

On Sunday 15th July 2007 Shomrei Hadath was priviledged to host a talk by Jack Kagan about his experiences in the Resistance movement during the Holocaust.  Jack was born and lived in the town of Novogrudek, a stetl of some 6000 Jews, and was only 13 years old when war broke out in 1939.  
In July 1941 Novogrudek was invaded by the Nazi Army and then there followed a period during which the town was decimated, its largely Jewish population massacred and the few survivers put to work under terrible conditions in a Nazi Arbeitlager.  In September 1943 Jack, together with around 250 of his fellow inmates managed to escape through a tunnel.  80 of the escapees were caught by the Germans and killed but 170 made it to the secret encampments of the partisans where they spent the rest of the war participating in the Resistance movement orchestrated by the Bielski brothers.  This is Jack's chilling account of Novogrudek's occupation, and his stirring tale of life in the forests of Poland working with Resistance fighters until the end of the war.

To listen to a recording of the talk please click the link.

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