ImageJuly 2013: "Cycles of Misfortune - lecture by Prof. Sacha Stern"- mp3 recording

May 2013: "From Passover to Easter - lecture by Prof. Sacha Stern"- Notes and recording

Mar 2013: "DOES Modern Orthodox Halacha EXIST?"- Notes and recording

Nov 2012 - Jan 2013: Lectures about Lectures: Jewish Life in Poland by Dr. Francois Guesnet, UCL, London.

Nov 29th, 2012: Rabbi Fachler ZT"L Memorial Lectures - Handouts and recordings

General info about religious events

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Additional regular activities



 Gmara Shiur

after Mincha

 Chavruta Learning

8:30 PM




  • Monday Evening Shomrei Beit Midrash:   Chavrusah Learning  8.30 pm – 10.00 pm  Everyone is invited to join the dynamic atmosphere together with their chavrutot.   LaughingRefreshments (some...) served